Potential Strategies for Escaping my Phone

Reading Digital Minimalism is reinforcing the ideas which led me to read it in the first place; I’m trying to get away from my computer and phone more. I’m thinking a bit about ways to be reachable but not too reachable.

I’m mostly thinking about eventually buying a watch with cellular service, which would allow me to take calls via a bluetooth headset. I’m hoping to find a bluetooth headset which is compact enough to fit in my pocket and maybe go over just one ear, with no buttons that would be pushed while in my pocket (maybe this one).

However, I’ve also rediscovered The Light Phone, which is a credit-card sized “smart dumb phone” which is designed to be used as a second cell phone, via call forwarding.
I think I still prefer the watch option, both for portability and for the specific feature set. I can disable or not install most apps, but having a calendar and the ability to click on the numbers of scheduled calls (esp. conference calls with long conference codes) is appealing. The Series 3 (and 4) already satisfies the cellular requirement, but are pricier than the Light Phone. The Light Phone wouldn’t work for international travel. In either case, I’ll need to either use my car’s built-in GPS (which doesn’t know traffic and is stuck on 2008 map data) or would upgrade to a dedicated GPS device (e.g. from Garmin or TomTom).

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