My father had a few Tiles he wasn’t using, so I’ve decided to tag some things which I might lose. As my father uses Tile, my phone can also help find anything he (or others) loses. I’m starting my tagging with my backpack and water bottle. As these are things that I only use occasionally, I figure they’re likely to be left behind if I forget I’ve brought them with me. I think I may design (3D print or sew) something to more nicely attach the Tile to my water bottle. Here is the full list of things I’m thinking about tagging:

  • Umbrellas (I’ve lost two in the last 5 years or so)
  • Coats/jackets (I lost one at some point 5-10 years ago; we’ve had to search for the kids’ coats a few times)
  • Poster tube (I almost lost one before I presented at a conference)
  • Backpacks (I was using a laptop bag until recently and had a few close calls where I almost forgot it; we’ve had to search for the kids’ backpacks a few times)
  • One of my kids’ favorite stuffed animals
  • Luggage
  • Maybe my car, to track parking?
  • Maybe my kids, in case we get separated?

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